Are Software Developers Losing Out in IT Job Searches?

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Are Software Developers Losing Out in IT Job Searches?

Are there any software developers out there that have never heard of an infinite loop? Probably not, but what has it got to do with treating your job search like your diet and why should you be checking out IT jobs sooner rather than later?

Are you ready for a new challenge, a new job and a brighter future? Or are you saying:

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“I haven’t got the time.”

“I can cope for a bit longer.”

“It’s too much hard work.”

“I’ll start on Monday.”

Sound familiar? Are these the kind of things you keep telling yourself to put off beginning your job search?

You could be missing out.

Here at Ascent People we are constantly keeping ourselves up to date on the jobs market by contributing to the Markit IT Jobs Survey each month. We are always keeping an eye on skills shortages and which areas in the market are becoming exceedingly candidate driven.

It’s no secret that there is a strong shortage of candidates within the software development market at the moment, whether this be Java, .Net, C++ or Web.

Throughout the UK, the candidate to vacancy ratio in software development (and IT in general) have been in favour of vacancies with candidate numbers decreasing consecutively for around 23 months.

If you have been putting off your job search, this could be the perfect time.

Your skills have become so desirable many companies are interested in developers whether they are actively recruiting or not.

Beginning your job hunt can be very daunting, there is no doubt about that. Trudging through the job boards with no luck, constant spam emails, gaining no response from applications and not to mention the constant calls from recruiters! However, if you are unhappy in your current role, or feeling like you are being undervalued or stifled, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to secure the role of a lifetime.

There are some fantastic – often life changing – opportunities on the market at the moment working for some of the best organisations on the planet. We all know how quickly things are changing in the UK at the moment. So if you have been hesitant to begin searching for a new role, get stuck in!

No matter how scary or time-consuming it may be, take advantage of your skill set being in high demand because the perfect role could be waiting for you. A diet is something you can always start later, but your job is something you’ll need to always be in charge of.

If you want tips on interviews in your job search, we can help. We also offer free technical testing!

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