10 Awesome .NET Developer Blogs You Should Read

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10 Awesome .NET Developer Blogs You Should Read

The Microsoft framework remains popular. To keep up with the changing .NET landscape you’ve probably come across some of these .NET bloggers. To stay at the cutting edge of we’ve updated our list and added more .NET blogs to give you the best .NET blogs of 2018.


A free weekly newsletter blog covering some of the latest trends in .NET as well as a bunch of helpful guides and tips on navigating the murky waters of C# and ASP.NET software coding. If you are looking for an ad-free, waffle-free dose of .NET news every week, then this blog is probably going to go down well with your breakfast bagel.


You might not have heard of this guy, but he’s a Swiss engineer and Microsoft MVP who blogs almost continuously on .NET software development. What makes Damien’s blog so rich is the lists of links he has on the right-hand widget of his website. There are links to other .NET bloggers, .NET training programmes, and .NET tools to help make your coding become more efficient and improve your output. Damien is an active developer blogging his software development on a weekly basis.



This Swedish blogger is one for the .NET purists who like nothing better than to delve inside the mind of the developer in the hope of gleaning some insights that might be practical in your own projects. A .NET developer who puts his love of everything code on(the)line for the world to see. 

Microsoft .NET Blog

This list must include an offering from the mighty Microsoft; theirs is a blog that offers the reader a look at Microsoft’s .NET engineering teams at work. You get first-hand knowledge of any .NET updates and releases you should know and the heads-up on any security challenges within .NET that are either being considered or are due to be rolled out.


The ‘hacker’ is a self-confessed .NET-addicted web developer and a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. Like many software development blogs, this one’s pretty heavy in coding. You’ve been warned!


Imagine if you could put all the very best .NET blogs, searched from across the web into one place and then cherry-pick the latest .NET news and views. Dot NET Kicks News is that place. It connects developers with designers to highlight the very best of the .NET community’s network of talent. You can use it to learn, enlighten or just discuss.


Scott Hanselman is a Microsoft Web Developer who likes to blog about tech, culture, gadgets and a lot (I mean a lot) of code within ASP.NET, DotNetCore and Open Source. It also offers a little portal into the private world of a .NET developer. He writes in an easy-to-read way, almost conversational, which isn’t always the case with developers.


Did we include this just because it has a great name? No. We included it because the author has over 35 years experience writing commercial software for Windows and Web platforms. There’s plenty of grassroots .NET coding info here as well as a nod to topics that take a more soulful approach to the world of software development, which makes this blog useful to those new to the world of .NET developing.


This blogger is a Microsoft MVP who just loves to discuss architectural patterns including CQRS, .NET Core and ASP.NET. His blog is like the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland; the deeper you go the bigger it gets!


I suppose it was only time that someone with Dutch heritage and surname of Haack was going to write a .NET blog. His blog name is almost as clever as the Twitter handle of a developer called Dave (@Daveloper). This blog is more than just a clever name though, it combines a lot of what goes on at GitHub with .NET developer news and views. He’s not a prolific blogger, but what he does write is lasting and worthwhile.

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