Salary Expectations of a Software Tester

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Salary Expectations of a Software Tester

If you are looking to become a software tester, or perhaps looking to change roles, it might be a surprise to learn how much the standard Software Tester can expect to earn in 2019.

Software Testing is all about bug bashing; testing and fixing programming code in order for the product to be ready and working and do exactly what it was intended for.

Essentially this is a coding QA role, a pivotal part of the development process for software programming and release. You could be working in almost any industry where programming and coding takes place, and be an important, albeit often considered factious, part of the software development process.

Key Software Tester Salary Facts:


  • 73% of Software Testers are male
  • 62% of Software Testers have between 1-4 years’ experience, with just 10% having more than 10 years in the role
  • Career development can be limited, most either progress to Test Manager or develop to some other role within software development including
  • Developer in Test, Software Developer, Computer Programmer, Application Developer, Programmer Analyst or Software Engineer though there are new and exciting roles such as Test Architect coming to the fore.
  • The highest salaries are found in the Sales and Banking & Finance sectors, whereas the lowest tend to be within Education and Accountancy.


An Overview of Software Tester Salaries

SalaryTrack calculates the average Software Tester salary at £45,000, but that can be slightly misleading in that it far outweighs the average salary for other salary ‘tracking’ sites like Glassdoor or PayScale, which show similar average salaries of £25,712 and £24,982 respectively.

The reason for this is where SalaryTrack actually gets its data from, searching live job adverts and job boards that might well use Software Tester as role, and a job title. Whereas both GlassDoor and PayScale seek information from reporting individuals already working within that role for their data and this tends to be from younger, newer professionals rather than more experienced (and older) Testers.

Average Software Tester Salaries:

ITJobsWatch – £37,500
GlassDoor – £25,712
PayScale – £24,982
Reed – £43,916
SalaryTrack – £45,000
Adzuna – £36,661
Total Jobs – £32,500
CWJobs – £37,500

Software Tester Salaries Around UK

Collating all the available regional figures gives us a fair idea of where the best paid Software Tester roles are located. Again, this indicates exactly what the key salary facts (above) suggest as more of the Banking & Finance and Sales companies tend to be located in the East Midlands and London, which is where the higher salaries are to be found.

London – £54,659
North West – £36,925
Wales/South West – £35,898
East Midlands – £44,050
South East – £36,613
Scotland – £36,015

Key Skills Used By Software Testers

Like Web Developers, Software Testers usually have a generally specific skill set they use within their role. The most popular skills include:

1. Test Planning
2. SQL
3. Automation
4. C#
5. Acceptance Testing
6. Agile
7. Design
8. Java
9. Applications
10. Embedded

Are Software Testers Being Paid Less?

While average salaries are always a debatable commodity in analysing salary reports, surprisingly, one of the key facts picked up is that Software Testers appear to be command less salary in 2017 than in previous years, with year on year salaries (on average) down.

Year-on-year pay for Software tester jobs has gone down 4.4% year-on-year, compared to an annual change of -1.9% for all jobs.” Adzuna

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