How To Discuss Salary In Your IT Interview

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How To Discuss Salary In Your IT Interview

Discussing salary can be difficult, but also very important. Why else do we go to work? It can be a topic we forget to research when preparing for interviews and it can be an especially tricky one to answer on the spot. Here’s how to discuss your salary in an IT interview.

For starters, be confident in your interview, prepare some questions, answer honestly.

Remember, blurting out your current salary or what your salary expectations are with no preparation or research could lead to you pricing yourself too low or high. You need to be much smarter in your approach.

Here are our tips for preparing and discussing salary expectations in an interview:

Do your research – check out salary sites

It’s important that you spend the time researching what the market average is for the role you are looking for and for your skills and experience. Pricing yourself too high can take you out of contention.

To find out more about what the average salary packages are in your area for your skill set, you can check out the following sites:

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It is usually better to provide the range of salary in which you are looking rather than a specific number. This is the best way to highlight your research, if you are asked about your salary expectations.

For example, a good response to:

What kind of salary are you looking for in your next role

could be:

“From my research prior to this interview, for a role with these requirements in this location, between x and y would be a reasonable salary.”

If the salary question comes up too early in the interview, or if you don’t want to discuss salary straight away, you can deflect the question until later on.

If you are keen to discuss salary straight away and want to find out if the role would be a good match, go ahead. But, if you want to hold back you can always answer with something similar to:

I would be looking to find a competitive package as a whole, but first I would like to hear more about the skills and requirements of the role.”

It is okay to delay if you feel it is too early. If you are pushed again on what salary you are looking for, provide a range (as discussed above).

If you choose to disclose what your current salary is, be honest about the number.

Don’t exaggerate or lie about your current package because with a little research, it could backfire. This could damage for professional reputation and also ruin your chances of securing the new role.

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