IT Jobs Report November – Black Friday Recruitment in The Tech Industry

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IT Jobs Report November – Black Friday Recruitment in The Tech Industry

October and November tends to be a time in the IT recruitment sector when a lot of jobs suddenly become available. Employers often look to complete recruitment cycles in good time before the Christmas break for a number of reasons. Right now there is a temporary rise in open IT roles, it could be worth your time seeing what’s available.

Permanent placements across the UK are up

This tends to be a great time of year to secure a new IT position. It is historically a time when there are more open IT roles available, across a much wider spectrum of IT skills and positions – regardless of company size.

“Whilst Brexit may be dampening overall business investment, firms continue to hire new staff at near record rates. With the jobs market so heated, businesses across the country, of all types, are struggling to find work ready staff. Some clients tell us they are seeing the worst period of staff availability for 20 years. A four decade low in unemployment and a dwindling supply of EU workers means good candidates are at a premium. Consequently, we’re seeing wages pushed upwards and a trend of canny workers job hopping to secure a pay rise rather than remaining loyal to their existing employers.”

(James Stewart – KPMG)


Source – KPMG/Markit (UK Report On Jobs)

As the table above show, permanent placements are growing at close to their highest rates. As ever there seems to be a pre-Christmas shuffle where companies look to fill their roles and this is usually due to two very good reasons:

  • The end of the year often means companies are looking to use p their hiring budget which leads to a short-term boost in recruitment.
  • Vacancies at this time of year happen because people leave their jobs early, often to enjoy an extended Christmas break.

This was confirmed by the latest official data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Job vacancies increased by 4.4% on an annual basis in the three months to October and left vacancies at an almost record high.

Demand for tech staff by skills required

There are particular pinch points in skills required by some of the major and lesser well known tech employers. Throughout the UK, regardless of region certain key skills are nearly always in demand, but in particular are the following:

B2B Tech
Cloud Technologies
Consumer Tech
Cyber Security
Infrastructure Tech
Web Developers

IT wages are still on the increase

In fact, as most of the supporting information shows, the average IT industry wage continues to grow. Latest data from the ONS highlights stronger earnings growth across nearly every region in the UK. Total pay – and this also includes bonuses – rose by 2.7% up to September, the strongest wage growth for almost three years.

Strong IT wages growth in the UK has obviously been framed by market conditions and while Brexit has caused confusion, it hasn’t been the overriding influencer it was thought to be. Yet. Unemployment rates are at just 4% which is the lowest it has been since early 1975!

If you are looking to get into a new IT role now or soon, then it pays to know what jobs are around and where to look. Our Twitter jobs feed is updated every day with new roles so please do give it a follow. We also feature some premium jobs on our Facebook page. But for a daily briefing of the best IT jobs in the Midlands and the North West then please take a look at our website jobs page.

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