IT Jobs Report May – Are IT Salaries Finally Matching Inflation?

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IT Jobs Report May – Are IT Salaries Finally Matching Inflation?

There are three important points identified in the IT jobs report figures out this month. The first is that temp placements are outpacing permanent; the second is a clear growth in demand for IT staff; and the third is their combined effect on wage demands.

Candidates: Now Is The Time To Look For A New IT Job

Because of the sharper increase in demand for IT staff, employers are willing to pay more on their new hires. Employers are also looking to ensure their company culture is more attractive than their competitors too.

As far as REC director of policy Tom Hadley is concerned;

Now is a good time to look for a new job, as you are in a strong position to negotiate higher pay.

Increasing Permanent IT Staff Vacancies

Compared with the same time last year, IT vacancies have grown significantly during the last twelve months. As opposed to the retail sector, which is being hit particularly hard right now, the IT sector looks buoyant.

The IT Industry is currently looking for the following jobs skills:

Automation Testers
UI/UX Designers
Software Developers
Cyber Security
Oracle Fusion

And a quick look at our own jobs board confirms this.

IT Jobs in The North West

Matching the national outlook in the temp market, the North West saw a continued decline in the temp availability, another reason to suggest that both temp and permanent markets are buoyant.

Salaries were on the rise, with IT salaries in the North West again matching the national picture of salaries matching or outpacing inflation.

IT Jobs in The Midlands

The Tech scene in the Midlands, however, was not as one-sided as in the North West with permanent and temporary job numbers looking broadly similar to previous months.

Salaries on the other had again matched the national picture with a steadily rising salary in both temp and permanent jobs. In fact temp salaries in the Midlands actually outstripped the rest of the UK.

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