IT Jobs Report May – Are You Having Trouble Locking Down A Tech Role?

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IT Jobs Report May – Are You Having Trouble Locking Down A Tech Role?

The big news is clearly the COVID-19 pandemic which has continued to be the biggest driver, influencer and talking point amongst those looking for a new role in IT and Tech.

That talking point comes amid a stunningly bleak backdrop of a record drop in the number of vacancies being posted in the IT/Tech sector. Permanent recruitment has been practically frozen during the sunniest month in the UK’s history.

In the whole of the UK, it might just be an understatement to say that over 13 million jobs have been affected by the lockdown, because even if you still are lucky enough to be working and have kids homeschooling, then you are affected. And while the return to work has been slow, it isn’t in any way comforting to realise that this figure represents one third of all UK workers.

According to Neil Carberry CE of the REC, 

It’s an unprecedented situation for UK business and resilience, then recovery, is key to navigating through the crisis. All eyes will also be on the Government’s forthcoming announcement on easing current restrictions so confidence in the jobs market can start to rebuild.

However while jobs are important, so too is the recovery of the economy and the confidence that remains in it once lockdown finally ends and we all manage to navigate ourselves out of the effects of part-time employment, non-employment, working from home and full order books.

Hopefully the economy can make a quick and rapid recovery, there is no shortage of appetite for getting back up to full output quickly, but in a world economy where everything is interconnected, then supply and demand won’t be returning to pre virus levels anytime soon.

Virus fighting still seems to be the main focus of the UK’s attention, but the longer it goes on, the bigger the risk for many of the UK’s  tech SMEs in keeping their heads above water. Not to mention the IT recruitment businesses that have little or no job roles to fill, despite a higher than ever supply of ready candidates.

Analysing the #ITjobs Dilemma

Unprecedented fall in recruitment activity IT Recruitment agencies have seen a huge drop in ready to fill roles as vacancies take a fall in both permanent and temporary at their sharpest rate on record!

That’s a steep drop off!

Demand falls and so do wages – Starting salaries and temporary wages have declined at their sharpest rates since mid recession months in 2009.

As demand slows the jobs pool grows – Yep, candidate availability grew! For the first time since 2013, the number of available IT staff actually increased. Recruitment freezes led to redundancies which led to a higher number of tech workers to choose from. If anyone was actually choosing.

Skills in demand:


Data Professionals

Data Scientists

Database Developers





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