IT Jobs Report April – Hiring Challenges

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IT Jobs Report April – Hiring Challenges

It looks like there is ‘no end in sight to the deep-seated workforce challenges facing the UK economy right now’ and the picture is the same within the IT sector too. According to the Head of Skills at KPMG, job vacancies continue to increase, but there are not enough candidates available.

Talent and Skills Shortage

For IT and Tech this is, of course, a long-standing issue, but with fewer EU workers applying for tech positions (notwithstanding the uncertainty of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine), employers continue to be on the backfoot for recruitment when it comes to hiring.

So, for all the great opportunities being presented in IT (and there are, some of the best are here), it remains a struggle to recruit. Competition between companies is intense; everyone offers flexibility now, how much is enough to secure the next hire?

Many employers are going to find it difficult, especially with skills shortages and rising salaries. With the country beginning to exit record Covid infections, demand for both permanent and temporary staff continues apace. And all businesses will be getting as creative as possible in making their offer more attractive than the next to candidates.

The Midlands

The Midlands saw high rises in job vacancies last month, although not as rapid as either the North,  South or even London. If the shrinking pool of candidates is frustrating Midlands employers who have released staff due to pandemic constrictions, it is even worse for those tech firms looking to grow. 

Traditionally, the Midlands has been a hotbed of resilience within the jobs market and there is still optimism that the market is once again creating opportunities. However it seems clear that the competition from other regions is tough; the Midlands central location is its own worst enemy when it comes to jobseekers commuting to more attractive roles elsewhere.

The North

Last month there were further increases in permanent staff appointments across the North of England, continuing the upward trend since February 2021. However the caveat here is that the rate of increase was the weakest for 12 months and candidate availability remains poor.

With permanent roles rising sharply, pretty much across all of the North, and the North West in particular, it demonstrated growth that outpaced the rest of the UK regions. Once again the North is showing its strength on the IT Jobs market. 

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