Is The Loch Ness Monster One? How To Find A Java Developer

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Is The Loch Ness Monster One? How To Find A Java Developer

Finding a Java Developer – An IT recruiter’s perspective…

Recruiting Java Developers for IT roles is a lot like searching for the Loch Ness Monster: You’ve heard rumours they’re out there, you’ve seen pictures of them, you’ve had a few close calls, but you can’t quite find one.

When a Java vacancy lands in my inbox, emotions go from excitement about a new vacancy very quickly to panicking about filling it. Time is nearly always the key factor, I might not be the only recruiter tasked with finding this Java Developer.

There is a whole lot of work to do to find and place them but it is doable – well that’s what I keep telling myself.

The search begins…

The stages of  recruiting a Java Developer are as follows:

1. Posting a Java Developer advert

The first stage of recruiting is posting an advert. Seven days pass and you get little to no response. Did you misspell java? Was the role not exciting enough?

Did you even post the advert? Yes. I did, but wait – why has a postman applied?

Despite the worry, don’t give up just yet, that one special candidate will apply at some point.

2. Job Boards

On to searching the job boards. Say you search six job boards and collectively they bring up around a 1000 candidates. Surely this means there are 100s of candidates to contact. Nope, you would be wrong. After filtering out all the unsuitable ones that don’t match the profile you will be left surprised that only 15 are right. Only 15!

3. LinkedIn

I imagine a Java Developer’s profile on LinkedIn constantly has the little red square hovering above their message icon, slowly rising in number with each message in their inbox of another exciting opportunity from the many other recruiters they are connected with. It does make you wonder if they ever do read your emails.

So let’s make this message stand out. This is my chance to make my message look different from every other one. So I take the time to read the candidates profile carefully and tailor the message and sell the role (all under 300 characters of course). This way I’ll have more of a chance of a red square appearing over my messages next time I check.

4. Making contact

Now there is the challenge of getting hold of them. Surely techie people are always on their phone 24/7, answering calls and checking emails. We were wrong, they are probably busy with their current job so I must be prepared for some early morning and late night calls. Plus, a whole lot of emails.

It’s not stalking, it’s IT recruitment!

What felt like a whole lot of stalking and pestering on my part finally pays off and I find the right candidate who is more than happy with this new opportunity.

Hallelujah, the hard work paid off.

And after all that resourcing it turns out they were on your database all along!

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