Every Question You’ll Ever Need in an IT Interview

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Every Question You’ll Ever Need in an IT Interview

Every in-person interview usually focusses on establishing if the candidate is suitable to the hiring manager. But the candidate has every right to interview the IT company too. We’ve listed every question you’ll ever need to ask in your interview to make you stand out.

Obviously you are not going to ask every question, so pick the ones that are appropriate in your interview and ask between 3-5 suitable questions that will make you stand out.

Just make sure not to ask a question that has already been answered by the hiring manager.

Interview questions – about the company

If you have any concerns over the company culture, financial, commercial or future plans. Make sure you ask the right questions and quash any niggling doubts you might have.

  • What is the career advancement policy here?
  • Do you provide regular performance feedback to employees?
  • What kind of individuals become successful here?
  • Tell me about the company culture?
  • What company information (financial) is shared by the company?
  • What training or educational courses does your company offer?
  • What the biggest challenges facing the company right now?
  • Does the company operate performance reviews, how does it work in practice?
  • Do you reward employees for company success?
  • How has the company performed over the last year financially and commercially?
  • Are there any expansion plans/new products in the business?
  • Does the company have a high turnover rate?
  • How many hires have you had in the last 12 months?


Interview questions – about the job position

Make sure every question about your job role has been answered, don’t leave the interview with any lingering doubts over aspects of the role.

  • Why was this role created (or became available)?
  • Has the position been open for long?
  • What are your expectations room this position (add value straightaway, or develop the candidate to the role)?
  • What was my predecessor like?
  • How do you work out the objectives for this role?
  • What are your expectations on how I can grow in this job role?
  • If my application is successful what would my top priorities be for this year?
  • What does a typical weekly schedule look like in this role?
  • I’ve worked within smaller/larger (delete as appropriate) companies in the past will this give me an advantage in this role?
  • What would a perfect candidate for this role look like?
  • What is the start date for this role?
  • Is there a short or lengthy time frame for confirming the successful application?


Interview questions – about the team

If you are going to be working as part of a team then make sure to ask some questions on how this dynamic works or will affect you.

  • What can you tell me about the team I’ll work with?
  • Are there any key positions/personalities within the team?
  • Explain the approval process in regards to projects and tasks?
  • Are there any challenges that need facing in the team?
  • How does the team interact with the rest of the company?


Interview questions – about the hiring manager

If the hiring manager is also going to be your manager, then you’ll want to know if and how you will work with them. Here’s your chance to find out.

  • What is your leadership style (or my future manager’s)?
  • Do you have any favourite things about working in this company?
  • How long have you been here?
  • What is the single biggest reason for your success in this company?
  • Have there been any challenges and how have you overcome them?
  • What is the preferred method of communicating in the company, phone, email, in person?
  • What has your career path looked like within this company?

The questions you ask in the interview can make a real difference in whether or not your interview is better than your interview rivals.

For more information on getting the best out of your IT Interview, check out out the Complete Guide To IT Interview Tips.

Make every question count!

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