Phone Interview Tips Guaranteed To Make The Shortlist

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Phone Interview Tips Guaranteed To Make The Shortlist

Telephone interviews can be more challenging than face-to-face ones. Here are 5 essential phone interview tips to help you prepare for your important call and move on to the next stage of the interview unscathed.

Thinning out more and more candidates in the interview process usually means saving time somewhere. Nothing can ever replace the in-person interview, but telephone interviews can help big companies screen potential candidates before seeing them or making them travel (and take time out of work) to attend on site.

Many of the commercial giants still use them as the first step in their screening process, and they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Telephone interviews can be more challenging than a face-to-face interview

You have to sell yourself with only your voice and your quick wits.

No social clues.

No body language indicators.

No technology.

Telephone interviews can be cost effective, time-saving and great for initial screening and some of the companies we work with at Ascent People will use telephone interviews in their application process.

5 Phone Interview Tips

Love them or hate them, there are some simple tips that can be very useful in making sure you get invited to the next stage of interview:

1) Introduce yourself properly – As you only have your voice and personality available to impress your interviewer, it’s key to remember that the interview begins as soon as you answer the phone. Ensure you answer the call in a professional manner and introduce yourself (“Good afternoon, Bob speaking”) – this will ensure the conversation flows from the get-go.

2) Peace & quiet – Seems like common sense doesn’t it? You wouldn’t believe how many clients’ feedback to us mentions they couldn’t hear the candidate; how can you expect to impress when you’re being drowned out by background noise? The same goes for good reception. These are simple tips, but can be the difference between getting invited for face to face interview or not.

3) Don’t interrupt! – Most people get nervous before an interview, but don’t get ahead of yourself. This can be more difficult as there are no social cues, but it is crucial to listen fully to the interviewer’s question before you jump in and start answering. Interrupting could create an awkward tone for the rest of the interview. Take your time, listen, then answer.

4) Do your homework – Just because this isn’t a face to face interview, doesn’t mean you can slack in your preparation. We’ve had many candidates go into telephone interviews thinking they can get by with minimal research. Remember: this is a screening process. Showing your dedication from the onset can make you outshine the other candidates. Have a copy of your CV, the spec and your company research in front of you when you take the call.

5) Stay professional – There have been some horror stories which would shake some recruiters and hiring managers right to their core. No matter how much you may get along with the interviewer, even share a joke or two, never forget that this is still an interview. Bad language, inappropriate jokes or a blasé attitude are going to get you scratched off the shortlist very quickly.

These may seem like such obvious rules for telephone interviews, but you would be surprised how many job seekers can slip up on these.

Although daunting, with the right preparation telephone interviews can be a quick and simple way to get your name at the top of the shortlist.

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