5 Coding Courses For Kids

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5 Coding Courses For Kids

For developers, this is a fantastic way to show children what you get up to on a day to day basis. With the growth of technology as rapid as ever, teaching your children how to code could be invaluable for later life.

Coding languages are so high in demand, you could be setting your kids up to launch themselves into a fantastic industry for career progression. Many argue that schools are not preparing children enough for the ever-changing tech industry, so there is definitely no harm in getting them ahead of the game allowing you to share your knowledge and skills with them through an exceptional hobby.

Learning a coding language could be just as beneficial as learning a speaking language. Teaching your children the ability to code could also have a significant impact on gender diversity within the tech industry, opening the minds of young girls and boys of the possibility of a career within the tech industry.

There are a variety of different courses available for children interested in coding for different ages and levels.

We’ve put together a list of just a few which could be a perfect start when hunting for coding courses for kids!


Code.org is a nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring that all young people have the opportunity to learn about computer science and IT, the same way they would any other subjects. It is supported by many of the huge names that you would see in tech such as Microsoft and Facebook, which will get kids really excited about getting stuck in.

They have a great section called One Hour of Code, which allows people of all ages to learn about programming languages in fun one-hour bursts. A great place to start for kids who want to code.

Programming for Kids; Learn to Code From Scratch

Brought to you through Udemy, this is a great overview course which will allow kids to understand more about coding and why it is a fantastic skill to learn.

This fun course is currently on sale for £10.99 (January 2018), which will definitely be money well spent! An opportunity for kids to create their own games which is very exciting and parents can sit and watch along with them.

Plural Sight

Aside from other coding courses, Plural Sight has a great selection of courses for kids. One of the best things about their courses, are they split into different sections between coding, design, apps and game development. These coding courses for kids will not only teach them how to code but the different areas of development so they can choose specifically which one they most enjoy. Great option.

Code Club

Run by volunteers and educators, Code Club is run like an after-school-club where kids can attend group sessions to find out more about coding. A great alternative to for kids who want to get involved in after-school activities but perhaps are less interested in sports clubs.

Kids to learn more about coding whilst socialising with other like-minded individuals. With just over 6,000 clubs established in the UK, you are sure to find the perfect one for you and your children.


With a selection of coding courses for kids between the age of 10 to 18, TechRocket offers an introduction to a selection of coding areas such as Java, iOS, Python and even Minecraft.

They have a variety of free courses and videos to watch and then you can purchase an unlimited pass to watch all the videos you like! This means you can give it a go before you choose to invest in their courses on a monthly basis.

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