5 Things To Check Before Deciding on a Career in IT

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5 Things To Check Before Deciding on a Career in IT

You are never too old to change your career, and one in IT might be right just for you. Taking on a new challenge could give you a new perspective on life, so if you are feeling unfulfilled it might be time for a change, but make sure you do it right!

If you have been working within a certain profession or field for a long time, the idea of taking your career in a whole new direction can be scary and exciting, but a career in IT doesn’t have to be.

Once you have made that pivotal decision to try something new, it is time to set out your plan for finding the best new role to suit you. This can definitely be the most daunting part about finding your new career, as it will take some time and dedication. However, it will all be worth it when you are working in a role or industry you are truly passionate about!

Here are some tips to help to make the process a little easier:

1) Assess your current role

If you have no idea what industry you would like to go into, it is important that you assess your current job role to see which aspects of it that suit you or you like. Create a plan of what you usually do in a day and pick out which parts of your day you enjoy and which you don’t. You can also assess what it is about your current work environment that you don’t enjoy. Is it the culture? The management? Your colleagues? You will then be able to research job roles which include the aspects you like and know what kind of environment you want to go into.

2) Research Similar Career Paths

This can give you great ideas as to what kind of jobs you could get with your skills or qualifications. Spend the time on LinkedIn looking at the career paths of those who did the same degree or qualifications as you (speaking to your University alumni can be good for this). You can also contact those who have had a career change from the same industry as you and ask them how they decided on their new role.

3) Highlight Your Skills

This is a very important aspect of deciding what your new job role will be. Create a list of all of your responsibilities at work at the moment and pick out those which you feel you are particularly good at; this will give you a basis of what the skill set of your new role should be. Sometimes, particular jobs are better suited to those with specific personalities. It would be worthwhile researching jobs available which are most suited to your personality type.

4) Try It Out

Once you have a list of jobs that would suit you or that you are interested in, take the time to try them out. Whether this is shadowing a friend, or taking part in some voluntary work, you can really narrow it down to what job it is you want to go for. This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking; if you think you would be suited to teaching, why not see if you can volunteer in a classroom or an after-school club for a day or two to get a taster?

5) Amp It Up!

Once you have done your research and found a handful of jobs that would suit your skills and personality. Now what? It would definitely be beneficial to improve on the skills required for your preferred role to give you an edge. Don’t forget, you probably won’t have the work experience to back up your application, so any further training you can do will really boost your chances. For example, if you are looking at a career in web development, you could take a course to improve your JavaScript. You will want to make your application as appealing as possible to employers.

It can be tricky deciding to go for a complete career change, but if you follow these tips and prepare yourself fully for the transition it will be a very exciting experience.

Have you experienced a career change? What tips or advice would you offer to someone looking to do the same?

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