The IT Contractor Guide To Using IT Recruitment Agencies

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The IT Contractor Guide To Using IT Recruitment Agencies

As an IT contractor you will have used an IT recruitment agency either in the past, right now or in the future. All you really want to do is get the best from the relationship. But how?

Some IT recruitment agencies come in for a lot of criticism from contractors and while some is merited a lot of it isn’t. So it makes sense to choose the right agency to deal with.

We have 7 tips on how to get the best from your IT Contractor/IT Recruitment Agency dialogue:

1. Are you on the preferred supplier list?

Many clients prefer working with a select few recruitment agencies; ones they know do their due diligence in sourcing candidates. You need to know which ones they are for the companies you want to work with.

2. I think you’ll find my CV actually says… 

A popular complaint from IT contractors is being offered roles totally unsuited to what is said on their CV. But hang on a minute…how complete is your CV? One reason we might talk to you about jobs (yes, even ones you aren’t suited for) is fully establishing your skills and experience. Many candidates have been passed over for a job because of an omission to their CV or a CV that undersells itself.

3. You are now on our contact list

Let’s face it, even if you buy an egg-timer from, you’ll start receiving the odd email asking if you require any further egg-essentials. It’s the same for any online shopping outlet. So why does it concern you that a recruitment company might contact you at some point to talk about an IT contract role? After all, you ARE an IT contractor. All we can say is that we are probably more informed about IT contractor positions than the claims sales guy that calls you every Thursday to talk to you about claiming for that accident you weren’t in recently.

4. Know your agency

If you know other IT contractors then ask them their opinion on which recruitment agencies to use. Most will know which ones know their stuff and which ones are driven by position-filling quotas. The good agencies talk detail and go the extra mile in qualifying you as a candidate. The bad ones just want you to interview. As a contractor recognising the difference can mean getting a job and getting the right job.

5. Your rate is important

Everyone wants the best rate, you do, we do and so does the client. If you are clear and honest about the rates you expect, we can ensure the client knows what you will cost when they bring you on board. Remember, the more we get you, the more we make, it really is in our interest to keep you happy.

6. Ask a question

If you have any important criteria for accepting a job, let us know, before you go to an interview. If you’ve heard rumours about the client or don’t want to travel that far, talk to us. We can either iron out any problems, or we can cut it short so we don’t waste either of our precious time. But really, make sure you know what the role entails, does it suit you, is it what you are looking for?

7. Your CV has gone viral

It sometimes feels that as soon as you’ve uploaded your CV to one job site or another, every agency and their dog have added you to their database and you start receiving call-after-call offering you every job under the stars (see 2). But bear in mind that you are uploading because you want to be found and offered a new role, so you can’t complain if an agency wants to have a chat with you. At least they are calling you and not just blindly sending your CV out to clients willy-nilly!

Any good dialogue is based on the mutual understanding that IT Contractors need IT recruitment Agencies just as much as the latter finds clients tough to please without plenty of the former.

If we can get this right, we are all better placed to match you up with a job you want – with client that appreciates you.

We know we can all get along, especially when we all want the same thing.

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