IT Jobs Report April – More Jobs, More Candidates

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IT Jobs Report April – More Jobs, More Candidates

Is it safe to peek out from the curtains? Are we really getting ready to step back in the office? Can you open the CVs sent by your friendly IT recruitment professional and start signing off on new hires?

Well, it certainly looks like it.

The UK job market is rebounding. Specifically, the IT and Tech market, which already enjoyed a head start when it comes to recruitment – with work from home and adopting more self-reliant working practices becoming essential mainstays in the digital and tech economy.

The UK job market just experienced the sharpest rise in permanent placements in six years, but it’s not all good news as employers are still seeing skills gap across a number of sectors, including IT. 

Recruitment issues, post-pandemic

For a while on our IT Jobs Reports we have been discussing the recovery of the IT recruitment industry after lockdown and the mass vaccination.

The data from March and April shows that the first few months of 2021 have seen a clear upward trend in recruitment numbers and permanent job placements.

So much so that it has been the strongest increase in perm appointments since 2015. So is business confidence returning. Finally. For good?

If so then there are a couple of points that are worth taking consideration of when companies start to ramp up recruitment:

  • The labour market is still experiencing skills shortages
  • Hiring practices need to be reviewed to ensure more inclusive policies
  • Hiring is not a tick box exercise
  • Working with a professional IT recruiter can help find qualified candidates.

IT recruitment in the North

Jennifer Lee, Senior Partner for KPMG in Liverpool, takes a bright view of the North’s job market,

“The success of the vaccine roll-out and easing of lockdown restrictions is having a positive impact on the North’s job market. [This] significant increase in permanent placements during the last month will offer encouragement to job seekers across the region following an extremely challenging year. For employers, these findings show that they have been buoyed by the Government’s four-step road map and are eyeing a cautious return to relative normality in the summer.”

There was an increase in permanent staff appointments across the North during March, representing the highest rise since early 2018. 

Temp billings also continued to rise since the start of the year and in the North especially this has been a nine-month streak of growth.

IT recruitment in the Midlands

Following two months of declining permanent placement figures, the Midlands experienced a sharp upturn in the period March to April. This increase was also the quickest since early 2018 and the sharpest in all four of England’s regions.

Lockdown measures and easing restrictions have certainly helped the Midlands region, and as IT recruiters we have certainly noticed a big improvement in hiring numbers of clients across the region and in almost all IT job roles.


Claire Warnes, Head of Skills and Productivity at KPMG UK summed up the mood of employers,

“as we start to look beyond the pandemic, businesses will be even more crucial in making sure prospective and current employees are adaptable, productive and ready for new challenges.”

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