CV Tips For IT Graduates

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CV Tips For IT Graduates

Not all graduate CVs get the attention they deserve. Most haven’t been rejected enough times to make the changes in their CV to highlight their talents. Get ahead of the game and apply these CV tips for all IT graduates.

Our recruiter Megan has been looking at thousands of graduate CVs recently and offers her tips on what qualities your CV should have to get them noticed by potential employers.

Here’s her blog originally published on LinkedIn:

CV Tips For IT Graduates

We are coming up to that time again very soon. Many of us have been there. It’s time to leave behind the late nights and long lie-ins. You come out of University and it is time to fully step into the real working world. The first step in ensuring that you secure that important graduate IT job is to make sure your CV is up to scratch. Check out these tips to see if your CV is helping you or holding you back.

1) Tailor your CV – Sometimes when you come out of University, you haven’t got the foggiest idea what you want to do. Take some time to do some research and find something you really want to go into. Research what makes someone successful in that field and tailor your CV to highlight why you would be good at it!

2) Spelling & grammar check! – This is such a huge issue. Usually when you are graduating, so is everyone else from your academic year. If your CV contains simple mistakes such as grammar and spelling, chances are companies will disregard it very quickly!

3) Don’t just list – It is so easy to just list everything that you have done during and before University, but it is so much better to explain what each aspect has taught you. Talk briefly about what you took from it and how it helped you to improve. Link it back to the role you are applying for.

4) Keep it concise (but not too concise) – I have seen so many graduate CVs that tend to waffle on, which can put employers off, especially when they have around 100 to get through in half an hour. But don’t take it too far, half a page including your contact details is definitely not enough (yes, I have actually seen this before).

5) Sell yourself! – Like I said in point four, hiring managers will have a lot of CVs to get through, especially if everyone is graduating at the same time as you, meaning the market will be saturated with grads.  Show them why they need to meet and employ you. Make yourself stand out. Make yourself shine!

Take on these tips and give yourself a fighting chance of finding your perfect graduate IT job. It’s a difficult time in life, so simple tips such as this will at least give you a little head start. Your CV can be a fantastic first impression!

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