A Quick Guide On Using Social Media To Find The Perfect IT Job

A Quick Guide On Using Social Media To Find The Perfect IT Job

We spend on average around 80 minutes on social media each day. If social media is becoming hugely important to business’ marketing strategy, why are you neglecting this in your job search? Don’t miss out, use our quick guide on using social media to find your next IT job.

Job searching. Where to begin? You flick through the job boards each day, seeing the same roles repeatedly. But where else can you go?

You may not want to advertise that you are open to new opportunities, those pesky IT recruiters will be filling up your inbox and voicemail in no time.

But what if I told you that you could combine your social time with your job hunt, freeing up more time in your day and keeping you up to date with roles you may have missed?

Did you know that using social media is now the second most common method of job hunting (after patrolling the job boards)?

When it comes to advertising opportunities social media makes it even easier for job seekers.

Check out the tips below to see how you can use social media in your job search.

Using Twitter for your IT job search

Many companies will advertise new roles using hashtags such as #ITjobs or #Manchesterjobs (we do!) to reach out to as many people as possible.

Try playing around with different hashtags and searching with them. You’ll find adverts for roles you may not have seen and you can contact the Tweeter directly.

There are also Twitter pages dedicated to tweeting and retweeting about roles that are available in certain areas or industries, so it could also be worthwhile following these.

Remember Twitter will allow you to check out the feeds of different companies that you want to apply to so you can understand more about their culture.

Using LinkedIn to find an IT Job

This one may seem obvious, but when it comes to advertising roles LinkedIn is a company/recruiter’s best friend.

Did you know there is a dedicated LinkedIn jobs page which you can use to search for jobs directly and apply to them? The chances are you already receive emails telling you what jobs are available – if you ensure your settings are switched on.

Alongside this, you can also spend a little time researching some recruitment companies and recruiters who work specifically in your industry and then connect with them.

You will then be kept updated of new IT job roles that are available and you will see their posts on your timeline.

LinkedIn is great for networking, so utilise it the best you can.

Using Facebook’s Tools for getting an IT Job

If you are skipping Facebook in your job search, you could be missing out. Up to 83% of people say that they use Facebook when exploring new opportunities and there are a few reasons for this.

Most companies have Facebook pages which are filled with info on what it would be like to work there and updates on the company in general. This will allow you to do some research on the company from a more social perspective, which can be difficult from a company website.

You can follow these pages so their posts will appear in your news feed.

You can also use the Facebook jobs feature. This allows companies, including IT Recruiters to promote their jobs for 30 days.

You can see the full listing and apply through the Facebook App too.

If you are going to use Facebook for your job search, you will need to ensure that you have filled out your employment history with some detail, making it easy for employers to see if you are right for their roles.


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