It’s A Simple Question: Why Use An IT Recruiter?

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It’s A Simple Question: Why Use An IT Recruiter?

It seems a simple question doesn’t it, why use someone like us, why use an IT recruiter? Despite having an unenviable reputation, the reason you should use a recruiter boils down to one reason: We both have the same goal of getting you the best possible job.

Our experience

We work with our candidates many times over. Very few people put down deep roots in their employment these days; many professions expect employees to move to new challenges or roles a lot sooner than in previous generations. Which is why, for candidates who have worked with us in the past, they invariably let us know when they are leaving – even four or five years after using us. Having experienced our services they know we are in the business for the long term, building trusted relationships with companies and hiring managers, something that just isn’t achieved overnight.

Strong connections

Because of this, for many of our clients, we hold a certain level of trust and knowledge with them and they rely on us to provide candidates we think are the right fit for them. Sometimes we have a great deal of influence too.


It might not come as a surprise, but there are many jobs not actually advertised on the job sites, until we put them there. Many companies prefer to work with just one agency, because they have expertise in finding a particular skill-set or because they trust them to find the candidate they are after. Exclusivity agreements are common and as such you will not always find every available job posted on the usual sites. Sometimes roles have a certain level of confidentiality about them, senior level management positions for instance.

Market knowledge

How do your skills compare with your industry? We can answer that as well as questions relating to pay, technical skills and industry trends. We can often identify when candidates are ready for more senior roles and can help with CV preparation to demonstrate it. By using a recruiter you will also receive plenty of feedback, something you won’t often get when applying directly.

The bottom line is this: You and your recruiter have the same goal, getting you the ideal role which is a perfect fit for you and your employer. To summarise, if you didn’t use a recruiter you might:

•miss opportunities presented by a recruiter

•offer a CV that doesn’t reflect the key skills and experience that needs highlighting

•fail to sell yourself

•have a rounded view of location, money, benefits, and opportunity.

•accept a counter offer.

By using a recruiter you will:

•get help to see important career opportunities

•get feedback from every stage of the process

•get experienced advice

•have access to CV writing skills, interview tips and the knowledge of the recruiter

•have a direct link to hiring managers; we will present you and your strengths to them

•be prepared for your interview, thorough guidance on the do’s and don’ts of each company

•receive after care service too; we want to know how things are going.

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