What Salary Can Web Developers Expect In 2019?

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What Salary Can Web Developers Expect In 2019?

The job ‘Web Developer’ covers many different roles including working in different programming languages, frameworks and applications and the demand for Web Developers is currently very high. Here’s what salary you can expect to earn as a Web Developer in 2019.

A quick look at the year on year statistics from ITJobsWatch illustrates the decreasing demand for the term ‘web developers’ in the UK. In the first 6 months of 2017 there were 6098 jobs advertised for Web Developer, in the same period for 2018 that figure was down to 5054 and it further decreased to just 3960 in the the first half of 2018.

What this indicates, is not that there are fewer Web Developer roles available, it is because of the varying nature of the specifics of the role Web Developers are increasingly being required to do.

(Take a quick look at the bottom of this blog for the many different roles Web Developers will apply for.)

Demand for Web Development skills continues to rise across a range of sectors as explained by ComputerWorld:

The internet is the vehicle that organisations use to connect employees, clients, partners and customers…the job f web developers remains a staple in the IT team, and talented web developers continue to be in demand even as companies add social and mobile platforms to their portfolios.

The graduate website Prospects states the average salary expectation of a Web Developer largely in agreement with what the figures show below.

A Junior Web Developer can expect £19,000 – £25,000
A Web Developer with 1-5 years experience can expect to earn between £25,000 – £35,000
A Senior Web Developer would expect to command a salary of between £35,000 – £50,000.

Key Web Developer Facts:

The highest median salary for Web Developers in the UK is in London where salaries average £47,500
Experience counts for everything and those with 10+ years experience command the biggest salaries
Key Web Developer skills advertised are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, .NET and C#.

CW Jobs, saw the biggest average salaries for Drupal Developers – £63,796, C# Developers, .NET Developers and Magento Developers – all £52,500. The lowest job of Junior Developer paying an average salary of £27,000.

Comparing Average Web Developer Salary

There are a wide range of different average salaries offered by both salary comparison sites, and the job sites where roles are advertised on. While sites like GlassDoor and PayScale utilise figures from a range of existing roles (and those advertised), job sites only offer those advertised roles, many of which are more senior roles which can skew average salaries upwards.

SalaryTrack, which searches over 2,769,106 different job salaries, calculates that the average salary for a Web Developer s £50,000, although 73% of their compared salaries were between £25,000 – £55,000

It is clear that more junior roles don’t need to be advertised as much as the senior roles within the industry, reflecting the need for highly experienced web developers.

ITJobsWatch – £37,500
PayScale – £24,822
Reed – £43,095
GlassDoor – £30,450
CWJobs – £42,500
Total Jobs – £37,500
SalaryTrack – £50,000
Adzuna – £41,378

Comparing Web Developer City Salaries

A more realistic average Web Developer salary list can be found after calculating the entire data set in a more regionalised form:

London – £57,492
Brighton – £44,681
Bristol – £41,140
Manchester – £40,333
Edinburgh – £39,464
Nottingham – £38,561

What Skills Help Increase Web Developer Salary?

Getting the best salary possible means learning and gaining experience in the right skills, here are the key skills associated with the highest Web Developer salaries:

2. C#
3. ASP.NET Framework
4. JavaScript
5. Ajax
6. jQuery
7. SQL
8. HTML5
9. MySQL
10. PHP

Does Experience Matter?

Payscale’s figures clearly show that experience really does matter when it comes to salary expectations. Those developers late in their career (i.e. with 20 year experience) can easily command 30-40% higher average salaries than those with 5 years of experience.

Common Career Paths For Web Developers

Most Web Developers see their role expand into either Software Engineer or Software Developer with a smaller number specialising in PHP Web Development. From there senior roles are sought like Senior Software Developer/Engineer, Software Development Management positions, IT Consultants, Lead Software Engineers or Project Management roles.

A Front End Web Developer can expect to earn between £24,000 – £38,000 whereas a Senior Web Developer can expect to command a salary between £31,000 – £48,000, but a Senior Software Engineer can realise a salary of between £39,000 – £58,000.

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