Machine Learning Books & Courses for Beginners

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Machine Learning Books & Courses for Beginners

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are having a significant impact on our everyday lives and its influence over our workplace and home life. As it develope the influence is going to get greater. We’ve found some great machine learning books & courses for beginners to help you get a better understanding.

Maybe you have seen it’s progression over your time in the tech industry and are looking to get on board? Or are you a graduate looking to expand your knowledge and get ahead of the game?

There are plenty of ways to get stuck into machine learning from attending tech meetups to investing in an online course. If you are looking to learn about machine learning in your spare time, we have researched some great machine learning books & courses for beginners to help you get a better understanding and become an expert in no time.

Machine Learning For Dummies

You knew that this book would be included, right? It’s a cultural favourite to go for a ‘For Dummies’ book when you are looking for an easy way to explore a new topic. This is a great option for those who are very new to machine learning, whether you come from a technical background or not. The book will offer insights into how machine learning is part of our day-to-day processes and guidance on different languages such as Python and R. A great starting point for those looking for machine learning books for beginners!

Machine Learning Nanodegree Programme – Udacity

Are you a graduate who has finished their degree and you are looking to expand on your machine learning knowledge? It may be worth investing in an online course like the one that Udacity has to offer. This practical course will offer an intro into Descriptive Statistics, an intro into Data Science and much more. If you are looking for a hands-on approach to finding out more about machine learning, this could be a great course.

Machine Learning: Hands-on For Developers and Technical Professionals – by Jason Bell

This is a great machine learning book for those who already have development experience or have been working in the tech sector for a while. This hands-on approach will give you instructions and examples of common machine learning techniques used by your peers. A great way for developers and technical professionals to slowly integrate machine learning techniques into their current work with step-by-step guidance.

Machine Learning – by Tom. M. Mitchell

After you’ve gained a basic understanding of machine learning, this is a great introductory book to get you going. Aimed towards those studying undergraduate degrees, this book covers Analytical Learning to Genetic Algorithms to Evaluating Hypothesis and more. A great machine learning book for beginners who want all of the information in one place!

Machine Learning – University of London (through Coursera)

This appears to be the most popular and well-rated course for those who are looking to enrol for further machine learning. Taught by Dr Marco Gillies who is Senior Lecturer in Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is an expert on computer graphics, animation and new forms of interaction. He teaches on the BSc Computer Science and MA/MSc Virtual And Augmented Reality. In this course you will have access to games, quizzes and programming assignments and be able to communicate with your peers who are also taking the course. A great machine learning course for beginners.

Programming Collective Intelligence – by Toby Segaran

A very popular book with beginners who are looking to explore machine learning. This book ventures into how machine learning is used in society from huge retailers and search engines to online matchmaking. This is a favourite among many, with Dan Russell from Google stating “I cannot think of a better way for a developer to first learn these algorithms or methods”. One of the best machine learning books for beginners.

Machine Learning: The New AI – by Etham Alpaydin

This book is one of the newer ones compared to some of the books previously discussed, meaning it will give you better insight into machine learning in today’s society. A great overview of those who are new to machine learning, but have some previous experience in development or programming. Alpaydin discusses how machine learning has evolved over the years and what the current real-world applications are. It will also give developers guidance on coding for machine learning.

Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data – by Peter Flach

This machine learning book for beginners takes a real practical approach to learning. An ideal option for those who are looking to venture into machine learning but already have some experience in the topic, for example, if you are already an intermediate or advanced programmer. Without any previous experience, this book could be too complex as it goes into more detail than others. If you are a visual learner, this will also be a great book for you as it is full of graphs and diagrams to guide you through each section.

There are many different ways that you can learn about machine learning and it is important that you choose the right option for you. Whether you have experience in the industry or you are a complete novice, there are options for everyone to get started.

If you are looking for books & courses to invest in to expand your knowledge, check some of these out!

If you have any other recommendations of machine learning books or courses, please share them below. Check out machine learning jobs we have available here.

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