Is LinkedIn Killing Your IT Job Prospects in 2021?

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Is LinkedIn Killing Your IT Job Prospects in 2021?

Did you know that over 85% of all IT recruiters will check out a LinkedIn profile within seconds of receiving a half decent-looking CV? This isn’t just being nosy, this is due diligence. In fact it is an essential tool for both recruiters and hiring managers in the role of IT recruiting.

It can be a great tool if you are looking for a job but are having no luck with the job boards.

Alongside this, if you are looking to grow your business contacts and network with people in your field, you want your connections to see where your skills lie and what you have to offer them.

Even if you aren’t looking for a new position, it is very important that you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.

A LinkedIn Makeover in 7 Easy Steps

If you find yourself with some spare time at the weekend in between all of those hobbies you listed on your CV, this could be the perfect time to give your LinkedIn profile a makeover and make this year the best for finding a new IT role or for connecting to exciting people and opportunities.

You may have been:

  • Putting it off
  • Assuming it’s hard work

Or worse (and this is what where we can help):

  • Not getting noticed by potential employers.

If you are looking for new opportunities, then you need to develop your professional online presence and make yourself the most attractive techie you can be.

1. The Profile Picture

Make your profile picture the most professional version of you. When people view your profile they want a human connection alongside a firm belief you can do the job.

If you are looking for a new role and want to be noticed by recruiters, then your image will need to stick in people’s minds.

Make sure the picture fits with the professional theme; don’t just use found-footage in your Google Photos folder, create a new one especially for LinkedIn.

2. Reflect Your Current Status

Is your professional and educational experience fully up to date with your current position? Because this is the number one mistake most IT job seekers make on their LinkedIn profiles.

If you’ve done the work and completed the course – then show it, in full – on your LinkedIn profile. Not only will you stay current and on-trend, it will also form the basis of updating your CV too.

Staying current allows people to see where you work and what your responsibilities are and is uber-helpful when dealing with IT recruiters who seem to ask a never-ending list of questions about where you work and what you actually do.

3. The Location Is Important

This might sound obvious but there are many times when people get approached about roles in Manchester when they have lived in London for the last five years, because their location on LinkedIn wasn’t right.

Trust us, when you choose the right location, you get to access LinkedIn content that’s relevant to you and your location, not least because it accesses local people in your network.

4. You Can’t See Passion on a CV, But You Can on Your LinkedIn Profile

Please, show some passion for your IT niche.

Always include a paragraph in your profile showing your true inspirations and the kind of things you are striving to achieve in the world of technology. It’s a big world, with lots of fish and you can easily slip through the net unnoticed.

Use the bio section to summarise your key skills and show what you are really about. Unlike a CV you can bring in more personality to your skills and experience.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a new role or you are looking for business connections, you want to sell yourself.

5. Your Contact Details

Do you want to make sure that you are easily approachable to business connections or recruiters? Ensure that your contact details on your profile are up to date.

If you are concerned about your personal inbox being filled up with emails, you could always create yourself a separate business email for LinkedIn specifically and make that available on your profile.

6. Highlight Your Other Social Profiles

Like a CV, a LinkedIn profile can be a lot drier than other forms of media. If Front End Developer doesn’t adequately describe you then link to the more exciting content you have elsewhere.

Got a GitHub, blog, or website? Make sure that you link these on your profile to showcase your talents and allow people to find out more about you and your skills.

By doing so you are allowing potential clients or employers to see how good you really are.

7. The Final Proofread

So simple, yet so many people don’t re-read what they have written in their LinkedIn profiles.

You spend the time to create a great profile showcasing all your talents and skills, don’t then be let down by grammatical errors. Read out loud to yourself, read it backwards (it works) or even ask a friend to read through your profile to make sure it makes sense and flows.

Always put yourself in the shoes of prospective employers or business connections to see if you have included everything that you need to get a complete picture of who you are and why you are good.

LinkedIn is a great tool allowing you to become as influential as possible. So, follow these simple tips and make sure that you stand out in your field. 

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