How To Say Hello In An Interview

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How To Say Hello In An Interview

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just walk in, shake hands with your interviewer and say ‘hi, I’m Jo.’ But get your introduction wrong and it can influence the rest of the interview. Make sure you follow the proper way to start an interview.

The first 30 seconds are the most important in an interview and when you get it right it sets off a positive impression that will help you through the rest of the interview.

Knowing how to introduce yourself to a potential employer isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds

Sometimes the interviewer has a big table between you and them, and they don’t immediately stand up when you enter the room. So what do you do?

If you are looking to make your impression memorable, remember to keep things as simple as possible. If you try to deviate from the standard (and universally accepted) standing handshake, eye-contact, smile (not one of your shifty ones, but a genuine, pleased-to-be-here one) and ‘hi, my name’s Jo!’, then the interviewer will have noticed.

If the interviewer sees anything that suggests you can’t even introduce yourself professionally, they will scrutinise everything about you.

Don’t give them that chance; get your introduction right; be calm, confident and professional.

Let’s assume you are wearing matching socks and a suit that fits, because the interviewer wants to know whether you can do the job and are a good fit for their team, not filled with questions on whether you got dressed in the dark or if you have just run an Olympic 400m from the nearest parking spot.

For those of you that want to go the extra mile in making that first ‘hello’ perfect, here are the 10 best ways to make a great first impression:

1. Look presentable – A no-brainer, and this includes your physical appearance – hair, clean face (dripping nose, sleep in the eyes – not acceptable) – and choice of clothing.

2. Get there early – It’s better to be early than late, get there early and you get your game face on, get there late and it’ll be just your sweaty face!

3. Exercise – A psychological winner. If you can get some exercise (gym, run, swim) completed earlier in the day, then those endorphins and a sense of achievement will return in spades during your interview. If you can do this great, but if you can’t perhaps a brisk stroll before breakfast.

4. Always have a bottle of water to hand – Because the receptionist and the interviewer might not offer you one, and if they do it’s only because they are being polite. A dry, nervous mouth is never conducive to sweet-talking your potential employer.

5. Visit the bathroom – before you get to the interview make sure you’ve done a final appearance check in the mirror. Remember to dry your hands thoroughly, exiting the bathroom with a clammy or wet hand and meeting your interviewer in the hallway will not end well if a handshake is offered.

6. Turn your phone off – It’s amazing how many people don’t do this the moment they get to the site of the interview. Boom Beach is not a good way to pass the time whilst waiting for your interview to start.

7. Be nice – People will notice.

8. Don’t try to be funny – Might be useful if you are naturally funny, but if not it’s best to stay quiet and answer the questions. This also includes talking to any other employees you might meet including receptionist and assistants; in short, don’t make them feel uncomfortable in your presence, they don’t know your humour…yet!

9. Always stand up to greet – A universally accepted approach to the meet-and-greet. Unless of course, your interviewer decides not to stand, in which case offer your hand anyway.

10. The interview – Now all that’s left is for you to walk into the interview room, shake their hands and say ‘Hi, I’m Jo.’

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