How To Improve Your JavaScript With These Online Courses

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How To Improve Your JavaScript With These Online Courses

Looking to improve your Javascript? Then try these excellent online courses. There is a huge skills shortage when it comes to this code language. If you want to stay ahead of the game you need to keep learning.


If you spend the time searching through the job boards for software development roles, you will see JavaScript pop up again and again.

Over the past few years, there is no denying it has become one of the most in-demand skills in the industry. Even Stanford University have chosen to adopt JavaScript for their Computer Science course and push Java to the side.

Companies throughout the UK are crying out for strong talent in the JavaScript field, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough candidates!

Whether you have attended interviews and found your JavaScript has let you down?

Perhaps you’re a graduate who is looking to expand their knowledge?

Or maybe you just want to make the most of your free time and keep your technical skills up to date?

Now is the perfect time to improve your JavaScript skills and open yourself up to the best opportunities possible.

We have researched web development courses that will allow you to increase your JavaScript knowledge and become an in-demand developer.


If you are perhaps a graduate, new to development or have never worked with JavaScript before, this is a great place to start. With over 25 million users world-wide, Codecademy offers a range of online web development courses that are free and are focused around several different languages including HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular, PHP, JavaScript and more. These are great online web development courses that will allow you to get stuck into the world of JavaScript or expand on your existing skills. Best of all, it’s free!

The Complete JavaScript Course: Build A Real-World Project

This is a great course if you already have some web development experience, but are looking to become a real JavaScript expert. Access to all the videos is constant, meaning that you can take your time and learn at your own pace without any time restrictions. A great course to get you really thinking about your code, whilst also exploring modules, function constructors, closures and much more. This course isn’t free like the courses above, but it is a great web development course to invest in and drive your career forward with your new JavaScript expertise.


This course is a little different to the others, in the sense that it teaches by application. You will need to already have a basic understanding of JavaScript to complete the course, but if you are someone who learns best by getting stuck in and building straight away, this is a great web development course for you. This free ’30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge’ stays clear of frameworks, libraries and design patterns and focuses on Browser API’s. You will have the opportunity to build 30 things in 30 days with the videos available. An exciting challenge to set yourself!

Advanced JavaScript

Like we mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a new development role, you will have noticed that JavaScript has become a strong requirement of many of the positions on the market. Maybe you have found that your JavaScript is letting you down in your interviews and you haven’t been able to answer the technical questions as well as you would like? Advanced JavaScript is great web development course for those who are currently on the job market, as it teaches JavaScript based on interview questions you may be asked. The course will cover Types and Equality, Scopes, Object Orientation and more. This unique course will prepare developers and graduates alike for those tricky interview questions surrounding JavaScript.

Practical JavaScript

This web development course is fantastic for those who find the beginner classes too easy, but the advanced classes to difficult. The focus is to take developers from the beginning of their JavaScript knowledge all the way through the journey to becoming a JavaScript expert. It is hosted in live sessions once a week with a live chat, meaning you can engage with other developers at your level. You will have the opportunity to view previous sessions when you begin the course and engage with the host directly. Another free course which is a great opportunity to get all of your JavaScript knowledge from the same place.

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Have you been using JavaScript previously but found concepts such as object prototypes and closures tricky to understand? Have you been having issues with your code and can’t get your head around where it is going wrong? This is a great course for delving a little deeper into how JavaScript really works, helping you to avoid “common pitfalls” and “improve your ability to debug problems”. Not only will you come away with a foundation knowledge of how to build your own JavaScript framework, you will also have the chance to improve your knowledge of AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery and more!


There are many web development courses available online that will allow you to improve your skills within JavaScript and other JavaScript-based technologies. We have just introduced you to a range of courses for all levels of developers from graduate to senior, who are looking to expand on their existing knowledge. Every developer is different in experience and skill level, so it is important to take the time to research the best course for you.

I am sure you know by now that JavaScript is in extremely high demand, so taking the time to become a JavaScript expert could be the best thing you ever do for your career.

Please comment below and share JavaScript courses that you have found useful!

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