How Ethical is Your IT Recruitment Agency?

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How Ethical is Your IT Recruitment Agency?

Did you know that all REC member recruiters are bound by the same 10 principles based on honesty, integrity and ethics? That includes Ascent People and any other IT Recruitment agency you engage with.

A lack of regulation can lead to misunderstanding and often misconception on the role recruiters play in ensuring workers find employment and clients find quality workers. It can lead to negative attitudes and a multitude of myths concerning underhand methods recruiters might use to ‘get their man or woman’ and ride off into the distance with a fat commission cheque!

We are members of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and must adhere to certain rules to ensure we remain ethical and transparent in our recruitment procedure. So we thought it would be beneficial to go through these 10 IT Recruitment Principles and explain what they mean and how they protect both candidate and client.

These 10 principles are called the REC Code of Professional Practice, a framework of values and principles that underpin our recruitment practice.

Principle 1 – Respect for laws

We have to respect all statutory and non-statutory laws during the course of our recruitment practices and services. This means that we are always ensuring we keep up to date with all relevant legislation.

Principle 2 – Respect for honesty and transparency

This means that we cannot lie about either our candidates or our clients, which includes making any false representations on the information we are presented. This is the same for any advertisements we post and how we display them. It is unprofessional to advertise for a position that we don’t have explicit permission to do so.

Principle 3 – Respect for work relationships

We always respect the discretion of candidates wishing to seek other opportunities and clients wishing to hire them. What this means is that we will not seek to conflict with a candidate’s choice if that choice conflicts with either ours or our clients’.

Principle 4 – Respect for diversity

We adhere to all laws regarding diversity, equality and human rights. Our judgement and expertise in recruitment is always based on objective business criteria and we have set up our working practices to do precisely that.

Principle 5 – Respect for safety

We will never knowingly put our candidates either at risk or in danger when promoting work opportunities and placements. (This is also the reason we encourage our candidates to plan their journeys to interviews. Getting there early avoids unnecessary stress and unpreparedness!)

Principle 6 – Respect for professional knowledge

We continually ensure we are up to date with all current industry practice and suitable professional knowledge. In practical terms this means we know the difference between a Data Architect and a Business Analyst! We also continually train and develop our staff to keep up to date on industry news and changes.

Principle 7 – Respect for certainty of engagement

Before any of our candidates accept a role, we always ensure that all conditions of employment are clearly illustrated, explained and understood; rates of pay, benefits, working hours and location of work.

Principle 8 – Respect for prompt and accurate payment

Pay is always made promptly and accurately in accordance with any legal and agreed terms. We will never take on a contract for which we do not have the provision to provide pay for.

Principle 9 – Respect for ethical international recruitment

Recruiting candidates from overseas often means additional security and identification checks, but it doesn’t preclude candidates from the same benefits as laid out in Principle 7. We also ensure that we never use overseas agents that charge when engaging candidates. We always offer the same level of professionalism, ethics and equality as we do with any other candidate.

Principle 10 – Respect for confidentiality and privacy

Finally, often the most important of all principles, is the practice of confidentiality and privacy. We keep all of our records confidential as laid out in our data privacy policy and in accordance with the law and best business practice. We treat all our candidates and clients with respect when seeking permission to represent them.

It often goes unnoticed that recruiters by and large work within the realms of due diligence, ethics and respect. But for any company displaying the REC logo (the one found at the bottom of this website) you should be confident that the IT recruiter is working from an ethical background and assuming the method of recruiting as outlined in their industry code of practice

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