Choosing Which IT Graduate Job Offer to Accept

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Choosing Which IT Graduate Job Offer to Accept

So you have finished University. You have written a top-notch CV which got you noticed, aced some interviews and been lucky enough to land yourself not one, but two job offers! You are  over the moon; all the hard work from University has paid off and you have the opportunity to kick start your graduate career. But wait.

How do you choose between your graduate job offers? There are many things to consider when choosing which role is the best opportunity for your career. Taking time to work through each of the points below will allow you to make a clear, well thought-out decision when picking the right graduate role for you.

Everyone knows that IT Graduate that finished top of the class with multiple job offers on the table for the leading tech firms. But it isn’t an uncommon situation for any IT graduate to be in. There is a high demand for technical talent and promising IT candidates who have researched their market well can be wooed by a number of IT Recruiters looking to match their talent with an employer.

You have finished University…

Written an attractive, yet functional CV…

That said, weighing multiple opportunities or offers can be challenging, nerve-racking, and difficult. Many times one company will give you an offer while you’re still in the early stages with another, making it almost impossible to compare the two.

To make your decision a little easier, find out all you can about the following:

The Role

Is this job more of a management role or a hands-on engineering role? Will you be solving math problems or interfacing with clients?

A lot of companies will have you interview with multiple employees including your future peers, so be sure to ask them about their day-to-day to get an idea of what you’ll really be doing at the job.

Your Job Title

Your job title can be an important piece in your career trajectory. If one job offers you the title of “Junior Engineer” and another the title of “Lead Engineer,” you should keep in mind that the second offer could open you up to higher paid opportunities with other employers down the road.

The Organisation

Your employer’s reputation will precede you. Let’s revisit the scenario above: Taking a role as a Junior Engineer at Google will look better to future employers than taking a Lead Engineer role with a company that has a reputation for releasing poorly built products.

It’s important to know what others in your field think of the company because it’s unlikely that you’ll be there forever—no matter how much you like it.

The Working Environment

You’re going to spend eight (or more) hours per day, five days a week in this place, so you better like the environment. If all you see during the interview is the lobby and the conference room, ask to come in and see the rest of the office and meet the team.

You can also call or email some former employees of the company so you have a good idea what the company culture is really like.

Future Progression

What are you wanting from your career? Which of your job offers is going to help you achieve your end goal? It is important that you research the room for progression in the company you are considering joining. It is okay to ask about this; it shows that you are planning on staying with the company and growing alongside them. You need to decide which role is going to be better for you in the long run and which will offer you the best opportunities in the future.

Ongoing Training

This ties in with researching progression opportunities in your job offers. You may have one role that is willing to offer you more money, but the other is offering to put you through several training courses. Will that money be better spent in your pocket, or invested in your future? Most companies understand that this may be the first time that a graduate has established themselves in a commercial environment and are therefore willing to invest in the graduates that they take on. If training opportunities are on offer that are going to vastly improve your skills, this should definitely be taken into consideration.

New Work Colleagues

During the interview process for both of the roles on offer, you should have gotten a good feel for what the atmosphere in the company is like. Everyone is very different; some thrive in a very controlled and formal environment and some prefer a relaxed and less structured one. If you know which kind of environment is better suited to you and your personal development, you must take this into consideration when choosing your role. The same goes for how well you got along with the people you met in the interview process. Could you see yourself working alongside these people in the future?


It is easy to become distracted with the glitz and glamour of living in cities such as London, but is it a realistic option? Many graduates are attracted to the London area, but everywhere has it’s pros and cons. Can you afford to live there? Will you be close to your friends and family? There are many aspects to consider. Cities such as Manchester and Nottingham have a thriving tech scene, but will cost you less to live there. If you are looking to move away in search of your dream job, ensure you have covered all bases before you take that leap.


Money isn’t the number one priority when it comes to choosing the best graduate role, however it also can’t be ignored. Most graduate roles (outside of London) start at around the £21,000, which is standard. You have worked hard for the past 3 years, you deserve to be paid a decent salary. It is important that you make sure that the salary on offer can support your current living conditions. It is also important to consider the benefits package that will compliment your salary. One company may be willing to pay you more money, but the other may offer to cover travel expenses. You will need to weigh up your living costs and break it down with what is on offer to you.

Take the time to consider all of your options when choosing your first Graduate role. If you want to keep up to date with all of the latest positions we have available, register your CV with us!

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