Are Candidates Ready For Feedback

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Are Candidates Ready For Feedback

Sometimes our clients can be brutally honest, and why not, it’s their business. Potential candidates must be the right fit on every level and their feedback can make a recruiter’s eyes roll.

There used to be a time when mothers thought it was ok to lick their finger and wipe off some real, or imaginary, grime from our faces, usually in public. Now we’ve grown up, spread our wings and flown the nest, why do recruiters still feel it necessary to give candidates a verbal licking of “don’t be late”, and falling just short of reaching through the phone to straighten your tie – you are wearing a tie, right?

Whether that’s being forty minutes late for an interview, blaming the sat-nav and not apologising, or turning up for an interview under-prepared with an excuse of being too busy to do any research the night before. It could even be going for a permanent job interview and stating that in two years time you see yourself doing contract – it embarrasses everyone.

Body language is revealing, how do you appear to others? Have you ever come out of a long interview test for a break, clicked your fingers at a receptionist and asked for a drink of water and directions to the smoking area? You might think you are being ironic or amusing, but how that message is interpreted to others is far more important.

Did you convey real enthusiasm for the position throughout the interview? Employers like motivated candidates, ones they think will invest plenty of energy. Not a candidate that casually states “I’ve actually accepted a job this morning but I thought I would just turn up to see what you have to offer.”

Often a taboo subject, body odour can often be an immediate deal-breaker. First impressions count and that means presenting yourself well; were you dishevelled because you were late; is your personal hygiene beyond reproach?

Sometimes the perception that both candidate and recruiter having the same goal has been skewed. But its true, recruiters want you to have that ideal role that fits perfectly with both you and your future employer. It’s the only long-term business model that can possibly work in the recruitment industry.

Rejection can often be a good thing for candidates. There is nothing like interview experience and some positive, or negative, feedback to highlight where your technique can be improved.

We don’t always sugar-coat the feedback our clients provide of candidates. But sometimes explaining it to candidates feels as futile as trying to wipe a grimy face at the school playground. Whilst on the subject of school, just because it’s a hot sunny day, it doesn’t mean you can wear shorts to an interview either. Ever.

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