How Do We Recruit

How <em> Do We Recruit </em>


We know that having the right people working for you is the only way to ensure a company continues to succeed and become better. We also know that people can be a funny lot too, our skill requires us to spot who is best suited for a particular role both on their CV and in person.

Candidates are individuals who can change their mind, suffer family emergencies, be tempted back to their existing employer, get stuck somewhere or move on as quickly as they arrived. All of which gets in the way of ensuring the right candidates are put forward to the right role.

We are fully aware that when it comes to people there are no certainties. Which is why we are prepared for the unexpected, making sure that whatever the issue, it doesn’t affect the main goal of getting the very best candidates put forward for the job.

Our Recruitment Process

•    Confirm our (and your) Terms of Business
•    Qualify and agree the full job description including personal and technical specifications
•    Clarify the timescales involved and advise where required
•    Create job listing on job boards, website, social media (including advertising campaigns if necessary)
•    Review our database for suitable candidates
•    Qualify candidates and obtain their ‘Permission to Represent’
•    Perform an identity check
•    Clarify their work permits
•    Test candidates where appropriate using IKM TechCheck [link to ‘Brain Training’] •    Conduct interviews with candidates
•    Provide initial feedback to Client on quality of responses
•    Arrange interviews and further liaise with Client
•    Prepare Candidates thoroughly (including directions!)
•    get feedback from Candidates
•    Discuss interview feedback with Client
•    Ensure all Candidates get adequate feedback
•    Confirm job offers