What IT Managers Want to See in Your Technical Testing

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What IT Managers Want to See in Your Technical Testing

Some candidates love technical tests. They can be fun and challenging to do, but most of all, they are a chance to show off your capabilities. Take a good look at your code. Do you use shortcuts? Will they impress a new employer? Here’s what the IT Manager is looking for in technical testing.

What Hiring Managers look for in Technical Testing, Coding Tests & Aptitude Tests

Always try to consider the person that has to read your test and make their job easier. So use best practice when submitting code or be ready to justify how and why you chose the code applications you used.

Employers and hiring managers are looking for code that:

    • Is ready to deploy
    • Well structured
    • Understood and adaptable by other developers
    • Uses quality code
    • Simple
  • Extendable

If you assume the tester is reading through multiple versions of the same test, what will make yours stand out? From the hiring manager’s point of view it will be those tests that are readable, reliable, and executable.

It all boils down to your approach when performing the test; you must consider the end user of the test, don’t make things so complicated that they need to re-read your code. If it looks like an error, it will probably be considered as such.

Nothing frustrates a hiring manager more than having to read the same test over and over, because they are not sure how or why it works.

How Candidates should approach Technical Tests

There are techniques candidates can use when approaching a technical aptitude or coding test that will help them pass the technical testing part of the interview.

But anyone who has been coding for a long time will have developed habits that aren’t in the rule book and these may affect their chances of acing the test.

It’s the same way as if you took your driving test again many years after passing the first time; have things changed, do you know your written test, do you drive one-handed, have you developed bad habits?

Have a good think.

Do you use shortcuts – that you know work – yet might be a bit messy?

Will they impress a new employer?

Technical Testing = Employee Quality

For any good developer, working with colleagues equally as talented (or more), can help you grow as a programmer. So having technical testing as part of the interview process can often demonstrate that the company takes its hiring seriously and only takes on good developers with verifiable coding skills.

When considering a new role or a change of jobs, developers are often guilty of relying on what they already know to get them their next role. But it can also be what they don’t know that can deny them the opportunity. A coding test can establish the coding ability of potential employees. Code testing highlights whether:

    • Your programming skills are up to date?
    • Your technical skills are sharp
  • Can help establish your skills and illustrate skills gaps.

Pay attention to the Technical Test details

A great quality in a developer is attention to detail. You may not feel some of these are important, but when you are trying to impress, these are the details that will be noticed:

    • Make sure your code runs before you press ‘send’
    • Don’t use abbreviations
    • Make sure all your spelling is right
  • Finish the entire test before submitting it, part solutions won’t cut it.

And finally…always read the instructions!

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