IT Jobs Report October – A Bright Start to Autumn

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IT Jobs Report October – A Bright Start to Autumn

There have been plenty of positive signs from the October figures for tech professionals. Demand is up, and IT recruitment is getting a taste of the good old days. For now. 

According to James Stewart, vice chair of KPMG:

“While it’s encouraging to see a further recovery in hiring activity and that growth in permanent staff appointments was the strongest for almost two years, it’s concerning to see another rapid rise in total candidate availability.

With increasing unease over what will happen in the coming months with the pandemic, Brexit and with the end of the furlough scheme in sight, the uncertainty for UK business is not going to dissipate anytime soon. The Government has got challenging times ahead to continue to offer adequate support to business, opportunities for jobs seekers to upskill while helping instil confidence in the UK workforce“

Sparks of Optimism in the North and the Midlands

The table below shows the scale of the cliff-dive UK recruitment has experienced this year. 

Luckily there has been a rise in placements after the first lockdown, which has probably saved many recruitment agencies from going under.

Placements Index in the UK – year on year.png

The Situation in the North

For northern-based IT recruitment agencies and recruiters, September and October represented a big step forward in terms of placements.

Permanent IT placements returned to growth during September and the start of October. This in itself managed to halt a 6 month long period of lockdown, and COVID enforced, contraction. 

The main reason for this was the gradual reopening of the economy and the confidence tech employers will have had of being able to re-start their projects and recruiting to fill key roles. 

If permanent placements had literally gone south, then it would probably follow that temp placements are there to plug the gap. 

The actual number of temp candidates did increase through September and October and this increase in temporary staff availability could be directly linked to the many redundancies experienced by tech professionals across the region.

Similar in the Midlands

Just like the North the Midlands also fared well in rebounding it’s permanent and temporary numbers.

In fact the pace of this increase was the quickest since 2018. Again some of the bigger players had a big say in these figures with projects and continued development getting the green light.

Furthermore, across the four monitored English regions, the Midlands registered the most marked increase in permanent placements in September.

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